Dancing to Lil b Bitch Mob dont know what to do but makes me dance so i do this
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How to make me cry in ten words or less: (add your own)
  • Sherlock: Goodbye, John.
  • Avengers: You can't kill me, I know, I've tried!
  • Thor: I could have done it, Father!
  • Captain America: I had a date.
  • Hunger Games: Real.
  • Harry Potter: Always.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Leaves from the vine
  • TFIOS: Okay.
  • Doctor Who: I don't want to go!
  • Doctor Who: I was gonna be with you....forever.
  • Sherlock: Don't... be... dead.
  • Heroes: Then do it. Do it! Kill me!
  • Star Trek: I have been, and always will be, your friend.
  • Doctor Who: If it's my last chance to say it: Rose Tyler-
  • Torchwood: Ianto, don't go. Don't leave me, please.
  • House: I need you to tell me you love me.
  • Sherlock: I was so alone and I owe you so much.
  • House: If you die, I'm alone.
  • White Collar: You're the only person in my life I trust.
  • Castle: I love you Kate.
  • Supernatural: And I want you, cursed or not.
  • TMI: I swear on us.
  • Chaos Walking: Todd?
  • Doctor Who: Raggedy Man... Goodbye.
  • Sherlock: Stop it, just stop this.
  • Supernatural: Too much heart was always Castiel's problem.
  • Sherlock: I can't see out of my right eye.
  • Doctor Who: The Universe will sing you to your sleep.
  • Lord of the Rings: My dear Sam. You cannot always be torn in two
  • Sherlock: Cinnamon.
  • Revolution: You are nothing to me
  • Firefly/Serenity: I am a leaf on the wind.
  • Doctor Who: I could do so much more. SO MUCH MORE!
  • Harry Potter: You alright, Freddie?
  • Starkd: Okay is wonderful.
  • Harry Potter: Does it hurt? Quicker than falling asleep.
  • Rise of the Guardians: People believe in me.
  • Supernatural: Sammy!? SAM!
  • Sherlock: No-one could be that clever.
  • Doctor Who: Am I ever gonna see you again?
  • Glee: I was with someone.
  • Adam Lambert: Soon
  • Sherlock: That's what people do, isn't it? Leave a note

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